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Chapter XV.—How Jesus Raised a Boy to Life.

A few days after, a child, His neighbour, died, and his mother mourned for him sore.  Jesus, hearing this, went and stood over the boy, and knocked upon his breast, and said:  I say to thee, child, do not die, but live.  And immediately the child rose up.  And Jesus said to the boy’s mother:  Take thy son, and give him the breast, and remember me.  And the crowd, seeing this miracle, said:  In truth, this child is from heaven; for already has he freed many souls from death, and he has made whole all that hope in him.

The scribes and Pharisees said to Mary:  Art thou the mother of this child?  And Mary said:  Indeed I am.  And they said to her:  Blessed art thou among women,17751775    Luke i. 28. since God hath blessed the fruit of thy womb, seeing that He hath given thee such a glorious child, and such a gift of wisdom, as we have never seen nor heard of.  Jesus rose up and followed His mother.  And Mary kept in her heart all the great miracles that Jesus had done among the people, in healing many that were diseased.  And Jesus grew in stature and wisdom; and all who saw Him glo404rified God the Father Almighty, who is blessed for ever and ever.  Amen.

And all these things I Thomas the Israelite have written what I have seen, and have recounted them to the Gentiles and to our brethren, and many other things done by Jesus, who was born in the land of Judah.  Behold, the house of Israel has seen all, from the first even to the last; how great signs and wonders Jesus did among them, which were exceedingly good, and invisible to their father,17761776    This, I think, means:  and which their father Israel, i.e. their fathers generally, had not seen. as holy Scripture relates, and the prophets have borne witness to His works in all the peoples of Israel.  And He it is who is to judge the world according to the will of immortality, since He is the Son of God throughout all the world.  To Him is due all glory and honour for ever, who lives and reigns God through all ages of ages.  Amen.

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