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Homily XIX.

Chapter I.—Simon Undertakes to Prove that the Creator of the World is Not Blameless.

The next day Peter came forth earlier than usual; and seeing Simon with many others waiting for him, he saluted the multitude, and began to discourse.  But no sooner did he begin than Simon interrupted him, and said:  “Pass by these long introductions of yours, and answer directly the questions I put to you.  Since I perceive that you14021402    This passage is corrupt.  Wieseler has proposed to amend it by bold transposition of the clauses.  We make one slight alteration in the text. (as I know from what I heard at the beginning, that you have no other purpose, than by every contrivance to show that the Creator himself is alone the blameless God),—since, as I said, I perceive that you have such a decided desire to maintain this, that you venture to declare to be false some portions of the Scriptures that clearly speak against him, for this reason I have determined to-day to prove that it is impossible that he, being the Creator of all, should be blameless.  But thus proof I can now begin, if you reply to the questions which I put to you.

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