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Homily VIII.

Chapter I.—Peter’s Arrival at Tripolis.

Now, as Peter was entering Tripolis,10851085    [For the general parallelism of Homilies VIII.–XI. with Recognitions, iv.–vi., see the footnote on Recognitions, iv. 1.  Homilies VIII., IX., contain matter included in the single discourse of Recognitions, book iv.—R.] the people from Tyre and Sidon, Berytus and Byblus, who were eager10861086    Lit.:  More willing to learn than the others. to get instruction, and many from the neighbourhood, entered along with him; and not least were there gatherings of the multitudes from the city itself wishing to see him.  Therefore there met with us in the suburbs the brethren who had been sent forth by him to ascertain as well other particulars respecting the city, as the proceedings of Simon, and to come and explain them.  They received him, and conducted him to the house of Maroones.10871087    [“Maro” in Recognitions, iv.  The resemblance between that book and this Homily is quite marked.—R.]

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