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Chapter LXII.—End of the Conference.

“And, therefore, since amongst these philosophers are things uncertain, we must come to the true Prophet.  Him God the Father wished to be loved by all, and accordingly He has been pleased wholly to extinguish those opinions which have originated with men, and in regard to which there is nothing like certainty—that He the true Prophet might be the more sought after, and that He whom833833    If we were to read quam instead of quem, the sense would be:  that He might lay open to men the way of truth which they had blocked up.  So Whiston. they had obscured should show to men the way of truth.  For on this account also God made the world, and by Him the world is filled; whence also He is everywhere near to them who seek Him, though He be sought in the remotest ends of the earth.  But if any one seek Him not purely, nor holily, nor faithfully, He is indeed within him, because He is everywhere, and is found within the minds of all men; but, as we have said before, He is dormant to the unbelieving, and is held to be absent from those by whom His existence is not believed.”  And when Peter had said this, and more to the same effect, concerning the true Prophet, he dismissed the crowds; and when he very earnestly entreated the old man to remain with us, he could prevail nothing; but he also departed, to return next day, as had been agreed upon.  And after this, we also, with Peter, went to our lodging, and enjoyed our accustomed food and rest.


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