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Chapter XLVIII.—The True Prophet, a Priest.

Then Peter answered, with an appearance of indignation:  “What! do you suppose, Clement, that all of us can know all things before the time?  But not to be drawn aside now from our proposed discourse, we shall at another time, when your progress is more manifest, explain these things more distinctly.

“Then, however, a priest or a prophet, being anointed with the compounded ointment, putting fire to the altar of God, was held illustrious in all the world.  But after Aaron, who was a priest, another is taken out of the waters.  I do not speak of Moses, but of Him who, in the waters of baptism, was called by God His Son.580580    Matt. iii. 17.  For it is Jesus who has put out, by the grace of baptism, that fire which the priest kindled for sins; for, from the time when He appeared, the chrism has ceased, by which the priesthood or the prophetic or the kingly office was conferred.”

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