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Chapter LXXIV.—Simon Magus Challenges Peter.

“When Zacchæus had heard these things, he told me in return of the doings of Simon; and in the meantime Simon himself—how he heard of my arrival I do not know—sent a message to me, saying, ‘Let us dispute to-morrow in the hearing of the people.’  To which I answered, ‘Be it so, as it pleaseth you.’  And this promise of mine was known over the whole city, so that even you, who arrived on that very day, learned that I was to hold a discussion with Simon on the following day, and having found out my abode, according to the directions which you had received from Barnabas, came to me.  But I so rejoiced at your coming, that my mind, moved I know not how, hastened to expound all things quickly to you, yet especially that which is the main point in our faith, concerning the true Prophet, which alone, I doubt not, is a sufficient foundation for the whole of our doctrine.  Then, in the next place, I unfolded to you the more secret meaning of the written law, through its several heads, which there was occasion to unfold; neither did I conceal from you the good things of the traditions.  But what remains, beginning from tomorrow, you shall hear from day to day in connection with the questions which will be raised in the discussion with Simon, 97until by God’s favour we reach that city of Rome to which we believe that our journey is to be directed.”

I then declared that I owed him all thanks for what he had told me, and promised that I would most readily do all that he commanded.  Then, having taken food, he ordered me to rest, and he also betook himself to rest.”


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