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VII.32983298    Chapter xxxii.

Answer to Abgar’s letter, which the apostle Thomas wrote to this prince by command of the Saviour.

“Blessed is he who believes in me without having seen me!  For it is written of me:  ‘Those who see me will not believe in me, and those who do not see me will believe and live.’  As to what thou hast written asking me to come to thee, I must accomplish here all that for which I have been sent; and, when I shall have accomplished it all, I shall ascend to Him who sent me; and when I shall go away I will send one of my disciples, who will cure thy diseases, and give life to thee and to all those who are with thee.”  Anan, Abgar’s courier, brought him this letter, as well as the portrait of the Saviour, a picture which is still to be found at this day in the city of Edessa.

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