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Epistle XVI.22472247    Oxford ed.: Ep. xxiii. a.d. 250.

The Confessors to Cyprian.

Argument.—A Certificate Written in the Name of the Martyrs by Lucianus.

All the confessors to father22482248    “Cypriano Papæ,” to “Pope” Cyprian. [An instance illustrative of what is to be found on p. 54, supra. See also Elucidation III. p. 154, supra.] Cyprian, greeting. Know that, to all, concerning whom the account of what they have done since the commission of their sin has been, in your estimation, satisfactory, we have granted peace; and we have desired that this rescript should be made known by you to the other bishops also. We bid you to have peace with the holy martyrs. Lucianus wrote this, there being present of the clergy, both an exorcist and a reader.

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