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Epistle XLIX.24442444    Oxford ed.: Ep. liii. a.d. 251.

Maximus and the Other Confessors to Cyprian, About Their Return from Schism.

Argument.—They Inform Cyprian that They Had Returned to the Church.

Maximus, Urbanus, Sidonius, and Macharius, to Cyprian their brother, greeting. We are certain, dearest brother, that you also rejoice together with us with equal earnestness, that we having taken advice, and especially, considering the interests and the peace of the Church, having passed by all other matters, and reserved them to God’s judgment, have made peace with Cornelius our bishop, as well as with the whole clergy.24452445    [The language of this letter clearly demonstrates the primitive condition of the Roman clergy and their bishop, and their entire unconsciousness of any exceptional position in their estate or relations to other churches. “Our bishop”—not Urbis et Orbis papa.] You ought most certainly to know from these our letters that this was done with the joy of the whole Church, and even with the forward affection of the brethren. We pray, dearest brother, that for many years you may fare well.

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