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Epistle XLII.24182418    Oxford ed.: Ep. xlvii. a.d. 251.

To the Same, on His Having Sent Letters to the Confessors Whom Novatian Had Seduced.

Argument.—The Argument of This Letter Sufficiently Appears from the Title. It is Manifest that This Letter and the Following Were Sent by One Messenger.

Cyprian to Cornelius his brother, greeting.  I have thought it both obligatory on me, and necessary for you, dearest brother, to write a short letter to the confessors who are there with you, and, seduced by the obstinacy and depravity of Novatian and Novatus,24192419    [On the frequent confusion of these names see Wordsworth, Hippol., p. 109.] have departed from the Church; in which letter I might induce them, for the sake of our mutual affection, to return to their Mother, that is, to the Catholic Church. This letter I have first of all entrusted to you by Mettius the sub-deacon for your perusal, lest any one should pretend that I had written otherwise than according to the contents of my letter. I have, moreover, charged the same Mettius sent by me to you, that he should be guided by your decision; and if you should think that this letter should be given to the confessors, then that he should deliver it. I bid you, dearest brother, ever heartily farewell.

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