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Hippolytus on the Twelve Apostles:

Where each of them preached, and where he met his end

1. Peter preached the Gospel in Pontus, and Galatia, and Cappadocia, and Betania, and Italy, and Asia, and was afterwards crucified by Nero 255in Rome with his head downward, as he had himself desired to suffer in that manner.

2. Andrew preached to the Scythians and Thracians, and was crucified, suspended on an olive tree, at Patræ, a town of Achaia; and there too he was buried.

3. John, again, in Asia, was banished by Domitian the king to the isle of Patmos, in which also he wrote his Gospel and saw the apocalyptic vision; and in Trajan’s time he fell asleep at Ephesus, where his remains were sought for, but could not be found.

4. James, his brother, when preaching in Judea, was cut off with the sword by Herod the tetrarch, and was buried there.

5. Philip preached in Phrygia, and was crucified in Hierapolis with his head downward in the time of Domitian, and was buried there.

6. Bartholomew, again, preached to the Indians, to whom he also gave the Gospel according to Matthew, and was crucified with his head downward, and was buried in Allanum,20192019    Or Albanum. a town of the great Armenia.20202020    [The general tradition is, that he was flayed alive, and then crucified.]

7. And Matthew wrote the Gospel in the Hebrew tongue,20212021    [See Scrivener, Introduction, p. 282, note 1, and Lardner, Credib., ii. 494, etc.] and published it at Jerusalem, and fell asleep at Hierees, a town of Parthia.

8. And Thomas preached to the Parthians, Medes, Persians, Hyrcanians, Bactrians, and Margians,20222022    Μάργοις.  Combefisius proposes Μάρδοις. Jerome has “Magis.” and was thrust through in the four members of his body with a pine spear20232023    The text is ἐλακήδη ἐλογχιάσθη, ἐλακήδη being probably for ἐλάτῃ. at Calamene,20242024    Καλαμήνῃ.  Steph. le Moyne reads Καραμήνῃ. the city of India, and was buried there.

9. And James the son of Alphæus, when preaching in Jerusalem, was stoned to death by the Jews, and was buried there beside the temple.

10. Jude, who is also called Lebbæus, preached to the people of Edessa,20252025    Αἰδεσινοῖς. and to all Mesopotamia, and fell asleep at Berytus, and was buried there.

11. Simon the Zealot,20262026    ὁ Κανανίτης. the son of Clopas, who is also called Jude, became bishop of Jerusalem after James the Just, and fell asleep and was buried there at the age of 120 years.

12. And Matthias, who was one of the seventy, was numbered along with the eleven apostles, and preached in Jerusalem, and fell asleep and was buried there.

13. And Paul entered into the apostleship a year after the assumption of Christ; and beginning at Jerusalem, he advanced as far as Illyricum, and Italy, and Spain, preaching the Gospel for five-and-thirty years. And in the time of Nero he was beheaded at Rome, and was buried there.

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