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III.18681868    From a Letter of Hippolytus to a certain queen. In Theodoret’s Dial. II., bearing the title “Unmixed” (ἀσύγχυτος), and Dial. III., entitled “Impassible” (ἀπαθης) [pp. 238–239 supra].

Hippolytus, Bishop and Martyr, in a letter to a certain queen.18691869    On the question as to who this queen was, see Stephen le Moyne, in notes to the Varia Sacra, pp. 1103, 1112. In the marble monument mention is made of a letter of Hippolytus to Severina.  [Bunsen decides that she was only a princess, a daughter of Alexander Severus. See his Hippolytus, i. p. 276.]

1. He calls Him, then, “the first-fruits of them that sleep,”18701870    1 Cor. xv. 20. as the “first-begotten of the dead.”18711871    Col. i. 18. For He, having risen, and being desirous to show that that same (body) had been raised which had also died, when His disciples were in doubt, called Thomas to Him, and said, “Reach hither; handle me, and see:  for a spirit hath not bone and flesh, as ye see me have.”18721872    John xx. 27; Luke xxiv. 39.

2. In calling Him the first-fruits, he testified to that which we have said, viz., that the Saviour, taking to Himself the flesh out of the same lump, raised this same flesh, and made it the first-fruits of the flesh of the righteous, in order that all we who have believed in the hope of the Risen One may have the resurrection in expectation.

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