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LXVI.—Of a Deceitful Peace.

The arranged time comes to our people; there is peace in the world; and, at the same time, ruin is weighing us down from the enticement of the world, (the destruction) of the reckless people whom ye have rent into schism.  Either obey the law of the city, or depart from it.  Ye behold the mote sticking in our eyes, and will not see the beam in your own.  A treacherous peace is coming to you; persecution is rife; the wounds do not appear; and thus, without slaughter, ye are destroyed.  War is waged in secret, because, in the midst of peace itself, scarcely one of you has behaved himself with caution.  O badly fortified, and foretold for slaughter, ye praise a treacherous peace, a peace that is mischievous to you.  Having become the soldiers of another than Christ, ye have perished.

I warn certain readers only to consider, and to give material to others by an example of life, to avoid strife, and to shun so many quarrels; to repress terror, and never to be proud; moreover, denounce the righteous obedience of wicked men.  Make yourselves like to Christ your Master, O little ones.  Be among the lilies of the field by your benefits; ye have become blessed when ye bear the edicts; ye are flowers in the congregation; ye are Christ’s lanterns.  Keep what ye are, and ye shall be able to tell it.

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