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A Beautiful Confirmation Hymn

Nicolaus Selnecker, 1572, et al.

Let me be Thine forever,

My gracious God and Lord,

May I forsake Thee never,

Nor wander from Thy Word:

Preserve me from the mazes

Of error and distrust,

And I shall sing Thy praises

Forever with the just.

Lord Jesus, bounteous Giver

Of light and life divine,

Thou didst my soul deliver,

To Thee I all resign:

Thou hast in mercy bought me

With blood and bitter pain;

Let me, since Thou hast sought me,

Eternal life obtain.

O Holy Ghost, who pourest

Sweet peace into my heart,

And who my soul restorest,

Let not Thy grace depart.

And while His Name confessing

Whom I by faith have known,

Grant me Thy constant blessing,

Make me for aye Thine own.

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