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Question 24 — What are the principal differences between these two sorts of officers or rulers in the church, extraordinary and ordinary?

AnsweraThe former were called to their office immediately by Jesus Christ in his own person, or revelation made by the Holy Ghost in his name to that purpose; the latter by the suffrage, choice, and appointment of the church itself. bThe former, both in their office and work, were independent on, and antecedent unto, all or any churches, whose calling and gathering depended on their office as its consequent and effect; the latter, in both, consequent unto the calling, gathering, and constituting of the churches themselves, as an effect thereof, in their tendency unto completeness and perfection. cThe authority of the former being communicated unto them immediately by Jesus Christ, without any intervenient actings of any church, extended itself equally unto all churches whatever; that of the latter being derived unto them from Christ by the election and designation of the church, is in the exercise of it confined unto that church wherein and whereby it is so derived unto them. dThey differ also in the gifts, which were suited unto their several distinct 493works and employments.
aMatt. x. 1; Luke x. 1; Gal. i. 1; Acts i. 26, vi. 3, xiv. 23.
bJohn xx. 21–23; Gal. i. 1; Eph. ii. 20; Rev. xxi. 14; Acts xiv. 23; Titus i. 5, 7.
cMatt. xxviii. 18–20; 2 Cor. xi. 28; Acts xx. 28; 1 Pet. v. 2; Col. iv. 17.
d1 Cor. xii. 28–33.

The answer hereunto is such as needs no farther explication.

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