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Mr Biddle’s fifth chapter examined.

Ques. How many Holy Spirits of Christians are there?

Ans. Eph. iv. 4.

Q. Wherein consists the prerogative of that Holy Spirit above other spirits?

A. 1 Cor. ii. 10, 11.

Q. Whence is the Holy Ghost sent?

A. 1 Pet. i. 12.

Q. By whom?

A. Gal. iv. 6.

Q. Doth not Christ affirm that he also sends him? how speaketh he?

A. John xvi. 7.

Q. Had Jesus Christ always the power to send the Holy Ghost, or did he obtain it at a certain time?

A. Acts ii. 32, 33; John vii. 39.

Q. What were the general benefits accruing to Christians by the Holy Ghost?

A. 1 Cor. xii. 13; Rom. viii. 16, 26, 27, v. 5; Col. i. 8; Eph. i. 17; Rom. xv. 13, xiv. 17; Acts ix. 31; Eph. iii. 16.

Q. What are the special benefits accruing to the apostles by the Holy Ghost? what saith Christ to them hereof?

A. John xv. 26, xvi. 13.

Q. Should the Holy Ghost lead them into all truth, as speaking of himself, and imparting of his own fulness? what saith Christ concerning him?

A. John xvi. 13, 14.

Q. Do men receive the Holy Ghost while they are of the world and in their natural condition, to the end that they may become the children of God, may 334receive the word, may believe, may repent, may obey Christ; or after they are become the children of God, have received the word, do believe, do repent, do obey Christ?

A. John xiv. 16, 17; 1 Cor. ii. 14; Gal. iv. 6; Acts viii. 14–16; John vii. 38, 39; Acts xix. 1, 2; Eph. i. 13; Gal. iii. 14; Acts xv. 7, 8, ii. 38, v. 32.

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