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review of the true nature of schism,


a vindication of the Congregational churches in England from the imputation thereof,

unjustly charged on them by Mr D. Cawdrey,

preacher of the word at Billing, in Northamptonshire.

Δοῦλον Κυρίου οὐ δεῖ μάχεσθαι.2 Tim. ii. 24
Δεῖ τὸν ἐπίσκοπον ἀνέγκλητον εἶναι, ὡς Θεοῦ οἰκονόμον, μὴ αὐθάδη, μὴ ὀργίλον, μὴ πάροινον, μὴ πλήκτην, μὴ αἰσχροκερδῆ.Tit. i. 7

Oxford: 1657.

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