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Rule XI.

[Consider where lies the hinderance to peace.]

As a close unto these general rules, I shall only add this last direction:— Consider in particular where the stress and hinderance lies that keeps you off from peace, through an established persuasion of an interest in evangelical pardon. Do not always fluctuate up and down in generals and uncertainties; but drive things unto a particular issue, that it may be tried whether it be of sufficient efficacy to keep you in your present entanglements and despondencies. Search out your wound, that it may be tried whether it be curable or no.

Now, in this case, we cannot expect that persons should suggest their own particular concerns, that so they might be considered and 575be brought unto the rule; But we must ourselves reduce such distresses as may or do in this matter Befall the minds of men unto some general heads, and give a judgment concerning them according to the word of truth. Indeed, particular cases, as varied by circumstances, are endless, nor can they be spoken unto in this way of instruction and direction; but they must be left to occasional considerations of them, as they are represented unto them who are intrusted to dispense the mysteries of God. Besides, many have laboured already in this matter, and their endeavours are in and of general use; although it must be said, as was before observed, that special cases are so varied By their circumstances, that it is very rare that any resolutions of them are every way adequate and suited unto the apprehensions of them that are exercised with them. I shall therefore call things unto some general heads, whereunto most of the objections that distressed sinners make against their own peace may be reduced, and leave the light of them to be applied in particular unto the relief of the souls of men, as God shall be pleased to make them effectual.

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