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Eshcol; A Cluster of the Fruit of Canaan

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Title page.

Rules of walking in fellowship, with reference to the pastor or minister that watcheth for our souls.

Rules to be observed by those who walk in fellowship, and considered, to stir up their rememberance in things of mutual duty one towards another.

Rule I. Affectionate, sincere love in all things, without dissimulation towards one another, like that which Christ bare to his church.

Rule II. Continual prayer for the prosperous state of the church, in God’s protection towards it.

Rule III. Earnest striving and contending, in all lawful ways, by doing and suffering, for the purity of the ordinances, honour, liberty, and privileges of the congregation, being jointly assistant against opposers and common adversaries.

Rule IV. Sedulous care and endeavouring for the preservation of unity, both in particular and in general.

Rule V. Separation and sequestration from the world and men of the world, with all ways of false worship, until we be apparently a people dwelling alone, not reckoned among the nations.

Rule VI. Frequent spiritual communication for edification, according to gifts received.

Rule VII. Mutually to bear with each other’s infirmities, weakness, tenderness, failings, in meekness, patience, pity, and with assistance.

Rule VIII. Tender and affectionate participation with one another in their several states and conditions, — bearing each other’s burdens.

Rule IX. Free contribution and communication of temporal things to them that are poor indeed, suitable to their necessities, wants, and afflictions.

Rule X. To mark diligently and avoid carefully all causes and causers of divisions; especially to shun seducers, false teachers, and broachers of heresies and errors, contrary to the form of wholesome words.

Rule XI. Cheerfully to undergo the lot and portion of the whole church, in prosperity and affliction, and not to draw back upon any occasion whatever.

Rule XII. In church affairs to make no difference of persons, but to condescend to the meanest persons and services for the use of the brethren.

Rule XIII. If any be in distress, persecution, or affliction, the whole church is to be humbled, and to be earnest in prayer in their behalf.

Rule XIV. Vigilant watchfulness over each other’s conversation, attended with mutual admonition in case of disorderly walking, with rendering an account to the church if the party offending be not prevailed with.

Rule XV. Exemplary walking in all holiness and godliness of conversation, to the glory of the gospel, edification of the church, and conviction of them which are without.



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