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Chap. I. — Of the Scripture.

Ques. 1. What is Christian religion?

Ans. The aonly way of11   Every one out of this way everlastingly damned. 22   The life of religion is in the Life. knowing God aright, and bliving unto him.
aJohn xiv. 5, 6, xvii. 3; Acts iv. 12. bCol. i. 10; 2 Cor. v. 15; Gal. ii. 19, 20.

Q. 2. Whence is it to be learned?

A. From the holy33   Popish traditions are false lights, leading from God. Scripture only.
Isa. viii. 20; John v. 39.

Q. 3. What is the Scripture?

A. The books of the aOld and bNew44   The authority of the Scripture dependeth not on the authority of the church, as the Papists blaspheme. 55   All human inventions unnecessary helps in the worship of God. 66   The word thereof is the sole directory for faith, worship, and life. Testament, cgiven by inspiration from God, containing all things necessary to be believed and done, that God may be worshipped and our souls saved.
aIsa. viii. 20; Rom. iii. 2. bRev. xxii. 19, 20. c2 Tim. iii. 16, 17; Ps. xix. 7, 8; Jer. vii. 13; John xx. 31.

Q. 4. How know you them to be the word of God?

A. By the atestimony77   This alone persuadeth and inwardly convinceth the heart of the divine verity of the Scripture; other motives, also, there are from without, and unanswerable arguments to prove the truth of them, as, — 1. Their antiquity; 2. Preservation from fury; 3. Prophecies in them; 4. The holiness and majesty of their doctrine agreeable to the nature of God; 5. Miracles; 6. The testimony of the church of all ages; 7. The blood of innumerable martyrs, &c. of God’s Spirit, working faith in my heart to close with that bheavenly majesty, and clear divine truth, that shineth in them.
aMatt. xvi. 17; John xvi. 13; 1 Thess. ii. 13; 1 John ii. 20, v. 6. bLuke xxiv. 32; 1 Cor. ii. 14; Heb. iv. 12; 2 Pet. i. 19.

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