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Thring, Godfrey, an English clergyman, Prebendary of Wells Cathedral, son of Rev. J. G. D. Thring, was born at Alford March 25, 1823; graduated at Oxford, 1845; served different charges as curate and rector, 1846-67; Rural Dean, 1867-76; Prebendary of Wells Cathedral from 1876 till his death, September 13, 1903. He has written many hymns, about twenty-five of which are found in different Church hymnals in England and America. He published Hymns Congregational and Others, 1866; Hymns and Verses, 1866; Hymns and Sacred Lyrics, 1874; Church of England Hymn Book, 1880 (second edition, 1882). "His hymns," says Dr. Julian, "are mainly objective, and are all of them of a strong and decided character. In some of his finer hymns his tone is high and his structure massive; in several others his plaintiveness is very tender, whilst very varied, and his rhythm is almost always perfect. The prominent features throughout are a clear vision, a firm faith, a positive reality, and an exulting hopefulness."

Fierce raged the tempest o'er the 485
I saw the holy city 626
Saviour, blessed Saviour 344
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