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Tappan, William Brigham, an influential leader in Sunday school work in the Congregational Church, was born at Beverly, Mass., October 29, 1794. In early manhood he taught school in Philadelphia. From 1826 until his death he was in the employ of the American Sunday School Union as manager and superintendent at Philadelphia (1826-29), at Cincinnati (1829-34), at Philadelphia (1834-38), and at Boston (1838-49). In 1841 he obtained license to preach as a Congregational minister; but not having any pastoral charge, he was never ordained. From 1819 to 1849 he continued to write and publish poetry, amounting in all to eight or ten volumes. He died at West Needham, Mass., June 18, 1849.

There is an hour of peaceful rest 609
'Tis midnight; and on Olive's brow 147
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