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Steele, Anne, the daughter of the Rev. William Steele, a Baptist minister in Hampshire, England, was born in 1717, and died in 1778. She was a very talented lady. Although an invalid for many years and a great sufferer, her life was useful and happy. Her published hymns are found in nearly all collections, and have been a blessing to many people. Many of them are good, and a few deserve the highest praise. The following appropriate lines are inscribed upon her tomb:

Silent the lyre, and dumb the tuneful tongue,

That sung on earth her great Redeemer's praise;

But now in heaven she joins the angelic song,

In more harmonious, more exalted lays.

Her poetical writings were published in two volumes under the name "Theodosia:" Poems on Subjects Chiefly Devotional, London, 1760. A third volume, titled Miscellaneous Pieces in Verse and Prose, was published two years after her death. Julian's Dictionary names seventy-five of her hymns as being in common use.

Come ye that love the Saviour's 34
Father, whate'er of earthly bliss 523
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