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Spitta, Carl Johann Philipp, a German theologian and poet, was born at Hanover August 1, 1801. His early years were without special promise, and he was apprenticed to a watchmaker. While learning this trade he began the study of languages, and in 1821 entered the University of Gottingen to study theology. After graduating he was engaged as tutor in a private family for some time; but from 1828 till his death he was a popular and successful pastor of several Lutheran Churches. He died September 28, 1859. His reputation rests principally upon his hymns, which are deeply spiritual and very popular in his native land. His Psalter and Harfe, Leipzig (first edition, 1833), was translated by Richard Massie in 1860.

I know no life divided 467
O happy home, where thou art loved 671
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