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Moore, Thomas, the noted Irish poet, was born in Dublin May 28, 1779; began to write poetry at quite an early age; graduated at Trinity College, in his native city, in 1798, and the following year moved to London and began the study of law. From 1800 until his death, February 26, 1852, he published works in prose and poetry too numerous to hiention. His Sacred Songs was published in 1816. It contained thirty-two lyrics, twelve of which have found a place in various hymn books, and these more largely in America than in England. "Of all the song writers that ever warbled or chanted or sung," says Professor Wilson, "the best, in our estimation, is verily none other than Thomas Moore." He was a musician as well as a poet, and often sung his own songs to the delight of the social circles aniong the great and noble, where he was ever a welcome and favored visitor. His religious life was anything else but that of a Christian; but his songs are nevertheless among the sweetest, tenderest, and most admired in the hymn book.

Come, ye disconsolate, where'er ye 526
O Thou who driest the mourner's 522
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