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Monsen, John Samuel Bewley, a clergyman of the Church of England, was born at Londonderry, Ireland, March 2, 1811, and educated at Trinity College, Dublin, receiving the B.A. degree in 1832. Taking holy orders in 1834, he served in several offices of the Church of England. His death, April 9, 1875, was caused by his falling from the roof of his church, which was at the time in process of erection. He wrote a large number of hymns, some three hundred in all being published in the six different volumes which he issued between 1837 and 1873. About eighty of his hymns are said to be in common use in England. "While only a few of his hymns" says Dr. Julian, "are of enduring excellence, they are, as a whole, bright, joyous, and musical." The three here given are of a high order of excellence.

Fight the good fight with all thy 409
Lord of the living harvest 219
To thee, O dear, dear Saviour 324
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