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Miller, Emily Huntington, was born in Brooklyn, Conn., October 22, 1833, the daughter of Rev. Thomas Huntington, D.D., a Methodist minister; was educated at Oberlin College, A.B. 1857. In 1860 she was married to Mr. John E. Miller, who died in 1882. She has written much for various periodicals, both in prose and verse. From 1867 to 1875 she edited the children's magazine called the Little Corporal, which was later merged with St. Nicholas. From 1891 to 1898 she was dean of women in Northwestern University, from which institution she received in 1909 the honorary degree of Doctor of Literature (L.H.D.). She is the author of some fifteen or twenty volumes of prose and poetry, her books being written mostly for young people. Mrs. Miller is a Methodist. Her present address is St. Paul, Minn.

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