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Lathbury, Mary Artemisia, the daughter of Rev. John Lathbury, a Methodist minister, was born in Manchester, N. Y., August 10, 1841. Two of her brothers, Albert Augustus and Clarence Lathbury, are ministers of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Her present address is East Orange, N. J. After leaving school she became an art teacher, and later engaged in editorial work. For many years her work has been in general literature and illustration, being editor of a picture lesson paper. Miss Lathbury is the author of some eight or ten small volumes, but she is most widely and favorably known through her songs and hymns, which were composed especially for use in the religious exercises at Chautauqua. Among the new hymns added by the compilers to the Methodist Hymnal none are more universally admired than the two short hymns from her pen found in this collection. In both cases the tunes are beautifully suited to the sentiment of the hymns. It could be wished that we had a dozen or more hymns from her pen in our Hymnal if all of them could be as poetic and devotional as these two beautiful lyrics.

Break thou the bread of life 325
Day is dying in the West 57
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