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Irons, William Josiah, a Church of England clergyman, was born at Hoddesdon September 12, 1812; was graduated at Queen's College, Oxford, Bachelor of Arts, in 1833, 418 and took orders in 1835. Dr. Irons died June 18, 1883. His most valuable prose work was his Bampton Lectures, 1870, on "Christianity as Taught by St. Paul." He was also the editor or author of several books of hymns. Dr. Julian says of him: "Amongst modern hymn writers Dr. Irons ranks with the first. His hymns have not been largely used outside of his own congregation, but their high excellence, variety of subjects and meters, intense earnestness, powerful grasp of the subject, and almost faultless rhythm must commend them to the notice of hymn book compilers."

Day of wrath! O day of mourning 747
Sing with all the sons of glory 160
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