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Grigg, Joseph, an English Presbyterian minister, was born in 1720. He was the son of poor parents and brought up to mechanical pursuits. He began writing hymns when he was only ten years old. He entered the ministry in 1743, and became an assistant to Rev. Thomas Bures, pastor of the Silver Street Presbyterian Church, London. He continued here only four years, when he married a woman of wealth and settled at St. Albans. He retired from the active work of the ministry at this time, but did much literary work thereafter, his published works numbering about forty. He died at Walthamstow, Essex, October 29, 1768. Two of his volumes were titled Miscellanies on Moral and Religious Subjects, 1756, and Four Hymns on Divine Subjects Wherein the Patience and Love of Our Divine Saviour Is Displayed, 1765. In 1806 his hymns were collected and published; and again in 1861, nearly a century after his death, a second edition of his hymns was published by Dr. Sedgwick. Only two of his forty-three hymns are found generally in modern hymnals.

Behold, a Stranger at the door 249
Jesus, and shall it ever be 443
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