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Grant, Robert, was born in India in 1785. His father, a stanch and pious Scotchman, was a leading officer of the East India Company, and his brother Charles was Lord Glenelg. He graduated at Cambridge in 1804; was admitted to the bar in 1807, and filled various public official positions; was appointed Governor of Bombay in 1824. He died in India July 9, 1838. He is the author of several volumes on the work of the East India Company and also of twelve hymns which his brother, Lord Glenelg, published the year after his death in a volume titled Sacred Poems. It rarely happens that a man engaged so deeply in public and political life as was Sir Robert Grant finds time and inclination to write Christian hymns. There are very few hymns of adoration and worship in the entire collection that surpass his hymn beginning: "O worship the King."

By thy birth, and by thy tears 280
Lord of earth, thy forming hand 469
O worship the King 106
Saviour, when, in dust, to thee 500
The starry firmament on high 203
When gathering clouds around 134
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