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Dix, William Chatterton, an eminent English author, was born at Bristol June 14, 1837. He was manager of a marine insurance company in Glasgow. His contributions to hymnody are valuable. Some twenty or thirty of them are in common use in Great Britain and America; a few of them are of first rank. He published Hymns of Love and Joy, 1861; Altar Songs, 1867; Vision of All Saints, 1871; and Seekers of a City, 1878. Many of his hymns were contributed to Hymns Ancient and Modern and other English hymnals. Among his best-known volumes are two titled The Risen Christ, 1883, and The Pattern Life, 1885. He died September 9, 1898.

Beauteous are the flowers of earth 673
Come unto me, ye weary 295
Hallelujah! sing to Jesus 176
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