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Coxe, Arthur Cleveland, a bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church, was born at Mendham, N, J., May 10, 1818; graduated 402 at the University of New York in 1838; took orders in the ministry in 1841, and served as rector at Hartford, Baltimore, and New York. In 1865 he was elected bishop of Western New York. He died July 20, 1896. Bishop Coxe was the author of several small volumes of Poems: Advent, 1837; Christian Ballads, 1840; Athanasion, 1842; Hallowe'en and Other Poems, 1844; Saul, a Mystery, 1845. A few of his hymns are found in many collections. As a member of the Hymnal Commission that prepared the official hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church in 1869-71 he refused to allow any of his own hymns to be inserted in that volume, which, Prof. F. M. Bird thinks, was a case of "too scrupulous modesty."

How beauteous were the marks 127
O where are kings and empires now 214
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