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Browning, Elizabeth Barrett, scarcely less famous as a poet than her illustrious husband, Robert Browning, was born in Londen March 4, 1809, being the eldest daughter of Edward Moulton, a country gentleman, who took the name of Barrett soon after her birth. On September 12, 1846, she was married to Robert Browning, and the remainder of her life was spent in Italy, chiefly at Florence, where she died June 30, 1861. In all literature there is no parallel case where husband and wife have each attained such distinction as poets and hold so high a place in the world of letters. As a poet she stands foremost among English literary women. Beginning at eight years of age to write poetry and being a great reader and a tireless worker, she produced during the forty years of her literary life, although much of the time an invalid, poems of rare intellectual power, artistic beauty, and ethical force; and a beautiful Christian faith pervades them all, which is also true of the writings of her illustrious husband. The happy married life and literary fellowship of Mrs. Browning and her husband constitute one of the most beautiful things in the biography of literature. This volume contains two lyrics from her pen:

Of all the thoughts of God that are 541
Since without Thee we do no good 504
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