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Baring-Gould, Sabine, an English clergyman, was born in Exeter, England, January 28, 1834. He was educated at Clare College, Cambridge, receiving the degrees of B.A., 1854, and M.A., 1856. He took orders in 1864. His prose works are numerous and well known: Lives of the Saints, in fifteen volumes, 1872-77; Curious Myths of the Middle Ages, in two series, 1866-68; The Origin and Development of Religious Belief, two volumes, 1869-70. He is the author of a number of fine hymns, the best-known of which is "Onward, Christian soldiers." He published a volume of original Church Songs in 1884. From 1854 to 1906 he had published eighty-five volumes. His present address is Lew-Trenchard House, North Devon.

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Onward, Christian soldiers 383
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