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Hymn 83

John Newton




When a black overspreading cloud

Has dark’ned all the air;

And peals of thunder roaring loud

Proclaim the tempest near.

Then guilt and fear, the fruits of sin,

The sinner oft pursue;

A louder storm is heard within,

And conscience thunders too.

The law a fiery language speaks,

His danger he perceives;

Like Satan, who his ruin seeks,

He trembles and believes.

But when the sky serene appears,

And thunders roll no more;

He soon forgets his vows and fears,

Just as he did before.

But whither shall the sinner flee,

When nature’s mighty frame,

The pond’rous earth, and air, and sea,

2Pet 3:10

Shall all dissolve in flame?

Amazing day! it comes apace!

The Judge is hasting down!

Will sinners bear to see his face,

Or stand before his frown?

Lord, let thy mercy find a way

To touch each stubborn heart

That they may never hear thee say,

“Ye cursed ones depart.”

Believers, you may well rejoice!

The thunders loudest strains

Should be to you a welcome voice,

That tells you, “JESUS REIGNS!”

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