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Hymn 50

John Newton


Prayer for ministers.


Chief Shepherd of thy chosen sheep,

From death and sin set free;

May every under–shepherd keep

His eye, intent on thee!

With plenteous grace their hearts prepare,

To execute thy will

Compassion, patience, love and care,

And faithfulness and skill.

Inflame their minds with holy zeal

Their flocks to feed and teach;

And let them live, and let them feel

The sacred truths they preach.

Oh, never let the sheep complain

That toys, which fools amuse;

Ambition, pleasure, praise or gain,

Debase the shepherd’s views.

He, that for these, forbears to feed

The souls whom JESUS loves;

Whate’er he may profess, or plead,

An idol–shepherd proves.

Zech 11:17

The sword of God shall break his arm,

A blast shall blind his eye

His word shall have no pow’r to warm,

His gifts shall all grow dry.

O LORD, avert this heavy woe,

Let all thy shepherds say!

And grace, and strength, on each bestow,

To labor while ’tis day.

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