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Hymn 48

John Newton


Prayer for the continuance of the gospel 2525Wherever a separation is threatened between a minister and people who dearly love each other, this hymn may be as seasonable as it was once in Olney.


Once, while we aimed at Zion’s songs,

A sudden mourning checked our tongues!

Then we were called to sow in tears,

The seeds of joy for future years.

Oft as that memorable hour

The changing year brings round again;

We meet to praise the love and pow’r

Which heard our cries, and eased our pain.

Come, ye who trembled for the ark,

Unite in praise for answered prayer!

Did not the LORD our sorrows mark?

Did not our sighing reach his ear?

Then smaller griefs were laid aside,

And all our cares summed up in one;

“Let us but have thy word, we cried,

In other things, thy will be done.”

Since he has granted our request,

And we still hear the gospel voice;

Although by many trials pressed,

In this we can, and will rejoice.

Though to our lot temptations fall,

Though pain and want, and cares annoy;

The precious gospel sweetens all,

And yields us med’cine, food, and joy.

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