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Hymn 29

John Newton


How shall I put thee among the children?

Jer 3:19216

Alas! by nature how depraved,

How prone to every ill!

Our lives, to Satan, how enslaved,

How obstinate our will!

And can such sinners be restored,

Such rebels reconciled?

Can grace itself the means afford

To make a foe a child?

Yes, grace has found the wondrous means

Which shall effectual prove;

To cleanse us from our countless sins,

And teach our hearts to love.

Jesus for sinners undertakes,

And died that we may live;

His blood a full atonement makes,

And cries aloud, “Forgive.”

Yet one thing more must grace provide,

To bring us home to God;

Or we shall slight the LORD, who died,

And trample on his blood.

The holy Spirit must reveal

The Savior’s work and worth;

Then the hard heart begins to feel

A new and heavenly birth.

Thus bought with blood, and born again,

Redeemed, and saved, by grace

Rebels, in God’s own house obtain

A son’s and daughter’s place.

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