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Hymn 87

John Newton


Praise to the Redeemer.


Prepare a thankful song

To the Redeemer’s name

His praises should employ each tongue

And every heart inflame!

He laid his glory by,

And dreadful pains endured;

That rebels, such as you and I,

From wrath might he secured.

Upon the cross he died,

Our debt of sin to pay;

The blood and water from his side

Wash guilt and filth away.

And now he pleading stands

For us, before the throne;

And answers all the Law’s demands,

With what himself hath done.

He sees us, willing slaves

To sin, and Satan’s pow’r;

But, with an outstretched arm, he saves,

In his appointed hour.

The Holy Ghost he sends.

Our stubborn souls to move;

To make his enemies his friends,

And conquer them by love.

The love of sin departs,

The life of grace takes place,

Soon as his voice invites our hearts

To rise and seek his face.

The world and Satan rage,

But he their pow’r controls;

His wisdom, love, and truth, engage

Protection for our souls.

Though pressed, we will not yield,

But shall prevail at length,

For Jesus is our sun and shield,

Our righteousness and strength.

413 Assured that CHRIST our king,

Will put our foes to flight;

We, on the field of battle, sing

And triumph, while we fight.

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