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Hymn 5

John Newton



Sinner, hear the Savior’s call,

He now is passing by;

He has seen thy grievous thrall,

And heard thy mournful cry.

He has pardons to impart,

Grace to save thee from thy fears,

See the love that fills his heart,

And wipe away thy tears.

Why art thou afraid to come

And tell him all thy case?

He will not pronounce thy doom,

Nor frown thee from his face:

Wilt thou fear EMMANUEL?

Wilt thou dread the Lamb of God,

Who, to save thy soul from hell,

Has shed his precious blood?

Think, how on the cross he hung

Pierced with a thousand wounds!

Hark, from each as with a tongue

The voice of pardon sounds!

See, from all his bursting veins,

Blood, of wondrous virtue, flow!

Shed to wash away thy stains,

And ransom thee from woe.

Though his majesty be great,

His mercy is no less;

Though he thy transgressions hate,

He feels for thy distress:

315 By himself the LORD has sworn,

He delights not in thy death;

Ezek 33:11

But invites thee to return,

That thou mayst live by faith.

Raise thy downcast eyes, and see

What throngs his throne surround!

These, though sinners once like thee,

Have full salvation found:

Yield not then to unbelief!

While he says, “There yet is room;”

Though of sinners thou art chief,

Since Jesus calls thee, come.

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