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Hymn 66

John Newton


True happiness.

Fix my heart and eyes on thine!

What are other objects worth?

But to see thy glory shine,

Is a heav’n begun on earth:

Trifles can no longer move,

O, I tread on all beside,

When I feel my Saviour’s love,

And remember how he died.

Now my search is at an end,

Now my wishes rove no more!

Thus my moments I would spend,

Love, and wonder, and adore:

Jesus, source of excellence!

All thy glorious love reveal!

Kingdoms shall not bribe me hence,

While this happiness I feel.

Take my heart, ’tis all thine own,

To thy will my spirit frame;

Thou shalt reign, and thou alone,

Over all I have, or am:

If a foolish thought shall dare

To rebel against thy word,

Slay it, LORD; and do not spare,

Let it feel thy Spirit’s sword.

Making thus the LORD my choice,

I have nothing more to choose,

But to listen to thy voice,

And my will in thine to lose:

389 Thus, whatever may betide,

I shall safe and happy be;

Still content and satisfied,

Having all, in having thee.

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