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Hymn 63

William Cowper


The heart healed and changed by mercy.

Sin enslaved me many years,

And led me bound and blind;

Till at length a thousand fears

Came swarming o’er my mind.

Where, I said in deep distress,

Will these sinful pleasures end?

How shall I secure my peace,

And make the LORD my friend?

Friends and ministers said much

The gospel to enforce;

But my blindness still was such,

I chose a legal course

Much I fasted, watched and strove,

Scarce would show my face abroad,

Feared, almost, to speak or move,

A stranger still to GOD.

Thus afraid to trust his grace,

Long time did I rebel;

Till, despairing of my case,

Down at his feet I fell:

Then my stubborn heart he broke,

And subdued me to his sway;

By a simple word he spoke,

“Thy sins are done away.”

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