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Hymn 42

John Newton


The Pilgrim’ song.


From Egypt lately freed

By the Redeemer’s grace;

A rough and thorny path we tread,

In hopes to see his face.

The flesh dislikes the way,

But faith approves it well;

This only leads to endless day,

All others lead to hell.

The promised land of peace

Faith keeps in constant view;

How different from the wilderness

We now are passing through!

Here often from our eyes

Clouds hide the light divine;

There we shall have unclouded skies,

Our Sun will always shine.

Here griefs, and cares, and pains,

And fears, distress us sore;

But there eternal pleasure reigns,

And we shall weep no more.

LORD pardon our complaints,

We follow at thy call;

The joy, prepared for suff’ring saints,

Will make amends for all.

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