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Hymn 33

John Newton


The benighted traveller.


Forest beasts, that live by prey,

Seldom show themselves by day;

But when day–light is withdrawn,

Ps 104:20

Then they rove and roar till dawn.

Who can tell the traveller’s fears,

When their horrid yells he hears?

Terror almost stops his breath,

While each step he looks for death.

Thus when Jesus is in view,

Cheerful I my way pursue;

Walking by my Savior’s light,

Nothing can my soul affright.

But when he forbears to shine,

Soon the travell’rs case is mine;

Lost, benighted, struck with dread,

What a painful path I tread!

Then, my soul with terror hears

Worse than lions, wolves, or bears,

Roaring loud in every part,

Through the forest of my heart.

Wrath, impatience, envy, pride,

Satan and his host beside,

Press around me to devour;

How can I escape their pow’r?

Gracious LORD afford me light,

Put these beasts of prey to flight;

Let thy pow’r and love be shown,

Save me, for I am thine own.

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