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Hymn 31

John Newton


Return, O LORD, how long.


Return to bless my waiting eyes,

And cheer my mourning heart, O LORD!

Without thee, all beneath the skies

No real pleasure can afford.

When thy loved presence meets my sight,

It softens care, and sweetens toil;

The sun shines forth with double light,

The whole creation wears a smile.

Upon thine arm of love I rest,

Thy gracious voice forbids my fear;

No storms disturb my peaceful breast,

No foes assault when thou art near.

But ah! since thou hast been away,

Nothing but trouble have I known;

And Satan marks me for his prey

Because he sees me left alone.

My sun is hid, my comforts lost,

My graces droop, my sins revive;

Distressed, dismayed, and tempest–tossed,

My soul is only just alive!

LORD, hear my cry and come again!

Put all mine enemies to shame,

And let them see, ’tis not in vain

That I have trusted in thy name.

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