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Hymn 28

William Cowper


Prayer for patience.


Lord, who hast suffered all for me,

My peace and pardon to procure;

The lighter cross I bear for thee,

Help me with patience to endure.

The storm of loud repining hush,

I would in humble silence mourn;

Why should th’ unburnt, though burning bush,

Be angry as the crackling thorn?

Man should not faint at thy rebuke,

Like Joshua falling on his face,

Josh 7:1-6

When the cursed thing that Achan took,

Brought Israel into just disgrace.

Perhaps some golden wedge suppressed,

Some secret sin offends my GOD;

Perhaps that Babylonish vest,

Self–righteousness, provokes the rod.

Ah! were I buffeted all day,

Mocked, crowned with thorns, and spit upon;

I yet should have no right to say,

My great distress is mine alone.

Let me not angrily declare

No pain was ever sharp like mine;

Nor murmur at the cross I hear,

But rather weep rememb’ring thine.

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