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Hymn 70

John Newton


True and false zeal.


Zeal is that pure and heav’nly flame,

The fire of love supplies;

While that which often bears the name,

Is self in a disguise.

True zeal is merciful and mild,

Can pity and forbear;

The false is headstrong, fierce and wild,

And breathes revenge and war.

While zeal for truth the christian warms,

He knows the worth of peace;

But self contends for names and forms,

Its party to increase.

Zeal has attained its highest aim,

Its end is satisfied;

If sinners love the Savior’s name,

Nor seeks it ought betide.

But self, however well employed,

Has its own ends in view;

And says, as boasting Jehu cried,

2Ki 10:16

“Come, see what I can do.”

Self may its poor reward obtain,

And be applauded here;

But zeal the best applause will gain,

When JESUS shall appear.

Dear LORD, the idol self dethrone,

And from our hearts remove;

And let no zeal by us be shown,

But that which springs from love.

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