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Hymn 56

John Newton


It is good to be here.

Let me dwell on Golgotha,

Weep and love my life away!

While I see him on the tree

Weep and bleed, and die for me!

That dear blood, for sinners spilt,

Shows my sin in all its guilt:

Ah, my soul, he bore thy load,

Thou hast slain the Lamb of GOD.

Hark! his dying words; “Forgive,

Father, let the sinner live;

Sinner, wipe thy tears away,

I thy ransom freely pay.”

While I hear this grace revealed,

And obtain a pardon sealed;

All my lost affections move,

Wakened by the force of love.

Farewell world, thy gold is dross,

Now I see the bleeding cross;

JESUS died to set me free

From the law, and sin, and thee!

He has dearly bought my soul

LORD, accept, and claim the whole!

To thy will I all resign,

Now, no more my own, but thine.

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