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Hymn 33

John Newton



Pleasing spring again is here!

Trees and fields in bloom appear;

Hark! the birds, with artless lays,

Warble their Creator’s praise!

Where, in winter, all was snow,

Now the flow’rs in clusters grow;

And the corn, in green array,2121corn: i.e. wheat

Promises a harvest–day.

What a change has taken place!

Emblem of the spring of grace;

How the soul, in winter, mourns

Till the LORD, the Sun, returns;

Till the Spirit’s gentle rain,

Bids the heart revive again;

Then the stone is turned to flesh,

And each grace springs forth afresh.

LORD, afford a spring to me!

Let me feel like what I see;

Ah! my winter has been long,

Chilled my hopes, and stopped my song!

Winter threatened to destroy

Faith, and love, and every joy;

If thy life was in the root,

Still I could not yield thee fruit.

Speak, and by thy gracious voice

Make my drooping soul rejoice;

O beloved Savior, haste,

Tell me all the storms are past:

221 On thy garden deign to smile,

Raise the plants, enrich the soil;

Soon thy presence will restore

Life, to what seemed dead before.

LORD, I long to be at home,

Where these changes never come!

Where the saints no winter fear,

Where ’tis spring throughout the year:

How unlike this state below!

There the flow’rs unwith’ring blow,

There no chilling blasts annoy,

All is love, and bloom, and joy.

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